-Kevin Huynh
18.October 28. Still living life and experiencing the wonders. Currently in Georgia. Vietnamese.

"If you don’t have time to do it right, when will you have time to do it over?"
"In three words, I can sum up my life; It goes on."
Mar 5th

An old post

I’ve made my mistakes. I have regrets. Dun dun dun. What to do man? I still don’t know what I’m feeling and sometimes I think it’s getting worse. Idk how to cry for help. I don’t know who I can run to. It’s tightening it’s grip on me. Like I’m tied up in shackles. I have no escape. I have no reason to pursue. It just wants me to stick around. Alone. Abandoned. Deserted. Let me out…

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❝There ARE people who won’t customarily eat an entire row of cookies, or hear food calling their name from other rooms, or who don’t grind up food in the garbage disposal for fear of eating it, or get it back out of the garbage so they could eat it. Of course, my binge eating was just a cover-up for the larger issue: Trying to fill the emptiness❞

— ― S.A.R.K (via psych-quotes)